Shower Replacements

Shower Replacements Orlando, Fl

Begin and end your day in a sanctuary of relaxation. If your shower is showing signs of age or simply doesn't match your style anymore, it's time for an upgrade.

Small imperfections might add charm to an old shower, but when issues like mold, weak water flow, or leaky fixtures arise, it becomes clear: your shower needs a rejuvenation.

Wondering how a new shower can transform your bathroom? Here are a few benefits:

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Modernizes Shower Fixtures

Upgrading to sleek, efficient faucets and showerheads not only streamlines your routine but also adds a touch of elegance to your daily shower.

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Enhances Safety & Accessibility

Make showering safer and more comfortable for everyone at home. Features like grab bars or step-free access are not just practical; they show care for all family members' needs.

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Elevates Design and Ambience

Escape to a refreshing space every day. A shower replacement transforms a tired, outdated space into a luxurious retreat, tailored to your unique taste.


A shower remodel may seem simple, yet it profoundly enhances your bathroom's look and feel, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who experiences it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tub To Shower Conversions

How can I update my old shower?

Updating your old shower can range from simple fixture replacements to a complete overhaul. Options include installing new showerheads, faucets, tiles, and glass doors, or even converting your current setup into a more modern, walk-in shower. Our team can help design a solution that fits your space and style.

What are the costs involved in installing a new shower?

The cost of installing a new shower varies depending on several factors, such as the materials chosen, the size of the shower, and the complexity of the installation. Basic upgrades can start from a few hundred dollars, while complete renovations may run into thousands. We offer free estimates to give you a clearer idea of the expected costs for your specific project.

What is the typical duration for a shower renovation?

The duration of a shower renovation depends on the scope of work. Simple updates like fixture replacements can take a day or two, while more extensive remodels, including tile work and structural changes, may take a week or more. Our team strives to complete your project efficiently without compromising on quality, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.